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Marvellous Malaysia - From Tall Towers to Illuminated Fireflies, Malaysia Is Ready to Embrace You with Its Fulfillment!

“People wander for distraction, but they travel for fulfillment of Dreams!” ~ From the words of Hilaire Belloc

Known among locals as KL, Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital. There are many attractive places here in the capital of Malaysia. Some of the good places to visit here are as follows:

Petronas Towers

The major spot which attracts tourists here is the Petronas Twin Towers, which is 451 meters tall. This is indeed one of the major places to visit in Kuala Lumpur. It is a very iconic landmark of the city. The place deserves a merit in terms of site visit and opportunity for first-time visitors for photography. The towers were built in 1998. The very sleek structure of the towers is 88 storey-high, which is further joined by a Sky Bridge that provides visitors a very panoramic view of the centre of the city, which is a very exhilarating experience worth witnessing. There are other good places you will find at the towers. Suria KLCC shopping mall is located inside the towers. The mall hosts wide variety of internationally acclaimed brands, cinema halls, concert hall, art gallery, and large Aquaria KLCC. At a few steps away from the towers, there is a park having water fountain, tracks for jogging, and a wading pool for kids. The most important point to keep in mind is that if you are visiting the Sky Bridge, you need to reach here very early as a limited number of pass is issued to visitors each day. Be there early morning to avail the pass.

Batu Caves

There are cultural attractions too in Kuala Lumpur. These include a visit to the well-known, Batu Caves. En route to Batu Caves; it is worth making a stopover at other places of importance like rubber plantation farm and factory unit of Selangor Pewter. You can buy souvenirs made up of the alloy to take home. At Batu Caves, you will witness a large mass of towering limestone in the north side of Kuala Lumpur. The cave is another important landmark in Kuala Lumpur. At the cave, you will find many shrines of Hindus. After reaching out at the top portion of the cave by climbing 272 steps, you can witness the attractive limestone formation, and a soothing view of the devotees paying homage to deities.

Elephant Sanctuary

A tour of the Elephant Sanctuary will take you on a drive along the Malaysian countryside. For tourists and animal lovers, this is another good option in Malaysia to visit. Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary is a conservation centre and is the base from where the wildlife department and relocation team of national parks operates. The team provides a helping hand in the capture and conservation of uncontrollable and rouge elephant across the region of South Asia. On the way to the sanctuary, you can have a view of the villages in Malaysia and roadside stalls selling fresh fruits, and can enjoy local delicacies there. At the Sanctuary, you will get to learn how the wildlife department persons ensure the protection and conservation of elephants and their habitats. Here, at the department of the elephant protection, you will get to watch a video of the work done and other relevant information about the Sanctuary followed by joining in handlers feeding fruits to elephants. If you are planning to visit this sanctuary, do ensure that you have enough time for it will take at least half a day’s time and can be extended a little more.

Firefly Watching

Another good attraction for animal and nature’s lovers here is the firefly watching. Incandescent bugs, locally known here as kelip-kelip, is a very soothing experience. A visit to Kuala Selangor Nature Park will allow you to witness this beautiful and mesmerizing sight of the glowing fireflies. The Nature Park is a wildlife sanctuary and it consists of wetlands, mangroves and forests, the best place to witness the luminescent bugs in places near the villages scattered around in the vicinity. A visit to this place and the villages will let you explore the village community, their lifestyle practice of everyday in fishing, plucking palm fruits and rubber tapping.


Penang V-Con/ Qnet Event, Malaysia

Held every year, the V-Con or the V-Convention event is a very grand annual gathering, which is hosted by “The V.” This event is open every year to all IRs of the QNET, who want to get better understanding of their journey of network marketing. Attendees get to benefit from the motivational speeches given here, some very useful sessions for the training of products, and other very well-thought-of activities, which help in honing the skills and building the character of the IRs.


Also known by the name of “Resorts World Genting” the Genting Highlands is basically a hill resort that is developed by the Genting Group in Malaysia. This hill resort is situated at an average height of 1,740 meters (5,710 ft) in the mountain chain of Titiwangsa that is on the border, which is between Pahang and Selangor.

There is an endless list of attractions in the beautiful city of Malaysia, its capital, and Penang, Langkawi and other parts. Other important places include Bird Park, KLCC Park, Aquaria KLCC, Masjid Negara, and Lake Symphony.


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