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Sri Lanka: A Pilgrimage Tour to Leisure Times at Beaches… Sri Lanka Tourism Offers a Wide Range of Options!

We can know the importance of travelling from what Saint Augustine had once stated, which meant that – This world is a kind of book, and those who do not really travel, got to read only a page of it!

Located in South Asia, Sri Lanka is a tropical island country. It is said that Sri Lanka has a history dating back time immemorial. And is believed that the island nation is the original place of the Buddhism’s soul and which is still flourishing. It is a place where nature’s beauty is pure and is in abundance. There are a very few places world over that offer such a remarkable place of stunning combination of pristine beaches, marvelous landscapes, great cultural heritage and fresh experience in a compact location. Sri Lanka is one amongst them. This has been a well-established fact that the island nation has a great cultural heritage. Spreading over 65,610 km, the country has eight world heritage sites recognized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. It has coastlines spreading over 1300 km; has fifteen national parks, and lush green areas, tea estates, botanical gardens, waterfalls and over 2500 long years of cultural history. The place is worth visiting for all sorts of tourists and travelers, nature’s lovers, and religiously oriented persons.   

Ramayana Tour and Temple Visit

You will find over fifty sites in Sri Lanka that have ancient links with the epic of Ramayana. If you are visiting Sri Lanka for the religious pilgrimage, you must have the Ramayana tour here. The locations in Sri Lanka having links with the Ramayana are actually based on the events that had taken place during Ramayana. These range from where the beloved wife of Lord Rama, Sita, was held captive by Ravana, king of Lanka, to where Ram killed Ravana in the long fought battle. Local people living in these locations still remember the links of their villages to the events in the history of Ramayana. A visit to Sri Lanka for the sake of pilgrimage to experience the epic places related to the Ramayana period would surely be a very rewarding experience; for it will take you down to the ancient times with the temples and places reverberating in the backdrop of culturally pleasing landscapes. Another most important temple that you should also visit is the temple of Gangarama Vihara; interestingly attractive for its brass work, Buddhist art, and stone carving. It has a museum, and also is a great learning place.

Other Interesting Options for You to Do in Sri Lanka

There are ample things to see, explore and enjoy in Sri Lanka. Some interesting things that you should do could be the following:

City Tour

It would be surely a good idea to have a city tour of the Capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. It has an ancient history and the heritage reflected in the colonial buildings and architecture. Take a city tour and enjoy the marvels of Colombo. You can either hop on a bus tour of the city or can hire a taxi for the sightseeing purposes here.

Zoological Garden, Dehiwala

Spreading across a large span of 30 acres, the National Zoological Garden located in Dehiwala has all sorts of animals that you can watch; including birds, fishes, reptiles and other mammals. For an animal lover, visiting Sri Lanka, this would be an ideal place to visit to see these animals living in the great harmony in beautiful nature’s landscapes.

Nuwara Eliya

Located in the central province, Nuwara Eliya is a hilly region. It is also referred as the ‘Little England’ owing to its proximity with British visitors. It is an important hub for tea production. It is also termed as a leisure capital of the country; thanks to its mild climate. The city has colonial era buildings having amazing architectural features of the colonial times. Till today, many of the private homes here maintain the colonial styles of gardens and lawns, and that is the reason behind the place getting this moniker.

Beautiful Bentota

Bentota is a very lovely coastal town here in Sri Lanka. This town is situated in the District of Galle in the Southern Province. The Urban Council governs this town. It is located approximately at a distance of about 65 kilometers Colombo’s south and 56 kilometers Galle’s north.

The Sweet Candy of the Bird’s Eye View, Kandy

The bird’s eye view, Kandy is definitely a must-visit place while you are touring in Sri Lanka. This place is basically a Buddhist worship hub where you will witness tranquility inside one of the most beautiful temples around the words, and that is the ‘Temple of Tooth’, which holds Buddha’s gold statues that are very lovely and green jade. This monastery is highly sedate and quite elegant. You will feel like a ‘BIRD’ seeing the entire city from the top, and thus the moniker, “bird’s eye view!” You will also find a fine-dine restaurant up there on the hilltop where you can have your lunch, while enjoying the breathtaking bird view! Certainly a must!

Besides these, you can enjoy sea foods in some of the great resorts located at beach sides. Mt. Lavinia is known among other excellent beaches in the island nation offering a wide range of seafood items that you can enjoy. There are options for shopping, massage and spa, buying souvenirs, and not to miss the nightlife in Colombo abuzz with casinos and bars. Other locations to visit and explore in Sri Lanka are Kandy and Bentota.


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