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Fascinating Finland – The Magical Land Of Santa Claus

Finland – The Magical Land of Santa Claus

From the alpine countryside of the Lapland to the enchanting scattering of islets in the largest archipelago of Europe, the scenery of Finland is a pure ecstasy for all nature lovers. The far-flung skylines of woods and lakes with refreshing brisk air along with forefront urbanity, Finland possesses it all. Finland is an ultimate holiday destination where tourists can definitely experience the unusual beauty of this unique land. Be it the summer’s midnight sun, or the momentary attraction of the Aurora Borealis in the eerie northern winters, Finland offers truly inimitable experiences. It is said that Finland is a natural utopia which has more trees than its people!

Some Unique Attractions That Should Never Be Missed While Holidaying in This Country:


Fringed with the Baltic, Helsinki swings amongst height of dark, gloomy winters and the summertime sun, and is the largest city and capital of Finland. It boasts of the country's best art galleries, museums, eateries, and markets. Some of the most significant tourist attractions in Helsinki are the Helsinki City Museum, Senate Square, Finlandia Hall, Suomenlinna, and the incredible Rock Church situated underground. The Finnish National Museum of Art and the Open-Air Folk Museum, located on the island of Seurasaari, attract thousands of history-loving tourists. The adjoining city of Turku on the west is the primeval capital of Finland.


The trip to Finland remains incomplete without visiting the dreamlike winter wonderland, Lapland, which is an exclusive wintertime holiday destination. It is Finland’s northernmost area, a thinly inhabited region where tourists can combine several activities like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and visiting Lapland's most legendary and distinguished inhabitant, Santa Claus’s home where unending nights are illuminated by the majestic Northern Lights. The ecstasy of viewing the Aurora Borealis is an out-of-this-world experience and the Finnish Lapland is one of the finest places in the World to see these heavenly intense curtains of dainty lights across the sky. One can travel on a reindeer dragged sleigh through the quiet Lappish countryside to enjoy a unique ride, slithering through the snow-white woods of the majestic, icy Lapland. These reindeer rides generally last from few minutes to a few hours and since reindeer is a distinct symbol of the Finnish Lapland, one should not miss this mystic experience.


This is the capital of Lapland, located at the confluence of the magnificent rivers of Ounasjoki and Kemijoki on the Arctic Circle. Rovaniemi, situated amidst enchanting and rocky wilderness, claims to be the home of Santa Claus. Tourists from all across the globe come here to meet the most legendary resident of Rovaniemi at the well-known Santa Claus Village or the Santa Park, situated in an underground cave. The village has a post office displaying a varied range of items with distinctive Santa Claus postmarks and the Santa Claus Office to meet Santa. Another significant attraction of this place is The Arctic Circle which cuts through the Santa Claus Village. The Arctic Circle is actually the circle of latitude that passes 66°33′45.9″ north of the Equator. It points the southernmost latitude where the sun stays constantly above or beneath the line of horizon for 24 hours – these occurrences are called the Midnight Sun during the summer and the Polar Night or “Kaamos” during the winter. Other than these, Rovaniemi also has a striking traditional existence with its personal theatre, orchestra, six fine art galleries, four admirable museums and two brilliant science centres.


Finland has several options of accommodations ranging from budget hotels to luxury resorts. Tourists can opt to stay in an igloo, or an ice hotel, or a log cabin and spend the wintry nights by observing the mighty Northern Lights. Hotels like Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort and Arctic Snow Hotel offer special accommodation options like glass igloos, log chalets, snow igloos, and snow hotels. These igloos and snow hotels are specially designed so that guests can sleep comfortably inside them while they make ideal arrangements so that guests can enjoy the Northern Lights and the starry skies from their beds.

Experience the magical thrill of the arctic and discover a land of untouched nature, miracle and adventure, where the midnight sun, the mighty aurora, serene icy nights, snow igloos, roving reindeer and Santa, himself, cast a mighty spell on your memories forever. There is something elusive and intangible in Finland that creates 


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