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visa assistance

Obtaining visa is the toughest part of migration be it any kind of visa i.e. travel visa, student visa, business visa or work permit but we can help you with all of them! We update ourselves with all the changes in the visa rules and processes of the countries worldwide. We provide complete guidance from the first step of informing you about the details until the time you get your desired visa.

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Private Yacht Services

If you want to spend your next holiday in an extraordinary way or throw a party, which is lavish and classy in the private yacht, we are your perfect partners. We can find the yacht, which is beautiful and best serves your purpose. We would arrange everything food, Staff, Décor etc to make your moment memorable.

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Charter services

Using the charter service gives the benefits of privacy and flexibility along with saving your precious time. And therefore, for crucial objectives such as travelling of your employees or medical emergencies, this is the ultimate option. We can book the most efficient and affordable aircraft for you with all the amenities you want.

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travel sim card

For frequent international travellers, this kind of card is a boon. And in addition, the different offers which come with them make this an excellent deal. With numerous options, it can become a little overwhelming for you. But don’t get bothered as we can pick the card and features, which are most suitable to your needs and come within your budget.

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travel insurance

In this unpredictable world, you can come across any unpleasant incident. This risk increases while travelling and handling unforeseen circumstances become even more difficult when you are in a strange land. To combat this, travel insurance is the most effective way. From all the available packages, we select the one which covers all the potential risks, thereby making you feel relaxed and enjoy the trip.

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travel guide

You take out time from your busy schedule to go for a trip and if your time gets wasted in the finding of tourist spots in the city you have gone, you certainly become exhausted rather than energized. Therefore, it is extremely important that you hire the services of an experienced guide, who can take you to all the sight-seeing and tourist spots and share the knowledge about those places with you. We offer personal guide service and can even plan your travel.

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National or international, we can get you the lowest rates of flight booking. We always have the latest information on the flight types and schedule and hence you can avail the flight ticket for any destination and time easily. We try to make you gain from the various discount offers on flight bookings.

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Travelling on a cruise is not a daily thing and it is a lifetime dream for many. Thus, we understand that you need someone who can give you expert advice and realize how important this is for you. We can truly meet your expectations in this regard and choose the cruise, which can give you the lifelong memories without creating the dent in your pocket

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Luxury Trains

With reforms in the railway industry, Travellers can now enjoy travelling in luxury trains. Made especially for offering a unique experience to the passengers, these trains are unsurpassed in terms of comfort, facilities and hygiene. We can book your tickets in your desired luxury train.

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luxury cab services

On occasions such as marriages and corporate events, finding the taxi can become quite tedious and also waste a lot of time. And therefore, we strive to provide you with the supreme cab services at reasonable rates. With our luxury cabs and reliable chauffeurs, you can say goodbye to problems of pick-up and drop of at all kinds of events – be it personal or corporate.

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Theme Wedding planner

A wedding is the most memorable day for the groom and bride. In the present time, many couples are choosing theme weddings as they make this memorable day even more special. But, choosing the theme and arranging everything is not an easy task and this is where we come into the picture. Just specify us your requirements and we would take care of the rest.

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Educational tourism

Learning while enjoying is the most amazing thing ever. And schools and universities try to achieve this objective by arranging educational trips to historical monuments and other places. We can make your work easier by deciding the place, gathering all information and educating your students in the most effective way possible.

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