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V-CON 2017 IN DUBAI (V-UAE 2017)

V-CON 2017 IN DUBAI (V-UAE 2017)

United Arab Emirates or UAE is a country situated in Western Asia, which has created a prime place for itself in all the Gulf Countries.

Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain constitute the country. Abu Dhabi is the capital and Dubai is the most populous city of this federal absolute monarchy.

While the country observed federal monarchy, the member states observe absolute monarchy. Known for its crude oil (petroleum) and natural gas reserves, the UAE has a distinct place in the world economy.Due to its constant development, the country has strong influence over international powers.

The emirate of Dubai has a significant place and role to play in the economy of the UAE. This city has seen tremendous growth in terms of finance, infrastructure and various aspects in the past few decades. As a result, the quality of life has improved drastically, leading to individuals from different corners of the world dream to settle in this city.

Due to its geographical location and deserts, climate in Dubai remains mostly hot and humid. The average temperature in summer is more than 400 C, which at times decreases to 300 C to 400 C. All homes and offices over there are equipped with AC to live comfortably in such conditions.

The religion of Islam is mainly followed in Dubai and one can see mosques in almost every area or locality.

The inhabitants in Dubai and overall in UAE are very committed and sincere towards their work and show high level of professionalism and dedication. This is quite evident in the progress graph of the country.

The noteworthy points of Dubai can be seen as below:
  • Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building is in Dubai.
  • It is home to several skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.
  • It is one of the global cities.
  • It is the business hub of the Middle East.
  • It is an international aviation hub. (Dubai International Airport’s 3rd Terminal is the largest airport terminal in the world).
  • It is a major transport hub for passengers and cargo.
  • It is famous for world-class hotels with paramount facilities and a splendid view.

Cleanliness, traffic rules, politeness, hospitality, positive attitude – these are just some of the qualities practised by people in Dubai. Owing to this, the city has become a beautiful and friendly place to visit and hence attracts thousands of tourists every year from different parts of the world.

Things to enjoy in Dubai

The tourists remain awestruck by the grandeur of the city. They have a lot to explore such as:

  • Giant structures: There are various large residential and commercial buildings in the city.
  • Sand dunes
  • Beaches
  • Ultramodern shopping malls
  • Delicious food of Arabic and other cuisines in the restaurants
  • Theme parks and amusement parks

Well, the list is endless as there are many other places. You can approach “Joy of Journeys” to have information of all such places. They can guide you on various aspects such aslocation of tourist spots, how to reach there & time needed to reach there through different modes of transport, suggesting restaurants and fast food outlets, if any essential things needed to be brought, cost involved and so on.

Grabbing the attention of the world for the high standard of living, lavish lifestyle and traditional music, Dubai has many more flavours to its culture.

The residents of the city are rooted to their values and beliefs and work hard for the country’s development. They celebrate their National Day on 2nd December every year.

The various reforms taken place on economic and societal forefronts in Dubai are due to the diligence of people living there.

They undertake their business activities and occupation responsibilities very passionately and this is the reason, the world looks up to them as the leaders.They make continuous efforts to brainstorm and conceive new ideas and cross their own benchmarks.

And in this pursuit, we have seen that numerous national and international events take place in the city for increasing awareness about and promoting business, social, political and other issues.

Many international bodies choose Dubai as the place for conducting events.

V-CON 2017 IN DUBAI (V-UAE 2017)

One such event is V-CON, which is organized by “The V” organization.

“The V” Company

The company was founded in 1998 by Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark, who work with many experts (from different fields) known as V Partners,Associate V Partners, V Ambassadors and V Council Members.

Initiating with the activity of network resource, the company was built with the objective of fulfilling the training needsof firms engaged in network marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is the kind of marketing implemented by direct selling firms. They employ network marketing strategies. These firms work on the business model wherein a huge focus is laid on creating a wide distributor network. And this is achieved by utilizing good interpersonal relations and communication skills.

The marketing or distribution chain is comprised of the individual sales representatives working in different areas across the country and in some cases across the world.

These representatives join the company with a very nominal investment, which is required to purchase the products. Then they promote these products for upfront sales, beginning mostly with their relatives, friends and neighbours. Once they get more confident and are sure to continue this, they approach potential customers other than the ones aforementioned.

They get an attractive rate of commission for the sales they make. And once they have all the know-how about the products, they encourage others to join as sales representatives with the same company. They also get the commission for bringing in new members and the sales made by those new representatives. Thus, there is a constant scope for growth and an increase in revenue.

This kind of sales technique is considered as highly efficient and productive for industries such as cosmetics, health & wellness, imitation jewelleryetc. This kind of job role is ideal for people who want to work on a part-time basis as per their flexibility and convenience. They gain a lot of freedom in decision-making as well.

What role does “The V’ play in Network Marketing Firms?

V Ambassadors understand the insights of network marketing and how teambuilding, team efforts, team management, communication, transparencyand other factors play a key role in the success of these firms.

Therefore, they strive to research continuously and keep themselves updated with the latest methods and try to put their own thoughts, for devising new and effective techniques.

In order to transfer the fruits of their efforts to the industries they intend to, they organize events on a large scale in different parts of the world.

What is V-CON?

V-Con, which stands forthe V-Convention, is the annual event or gatheringarranged for Independent Representatives (IRs) of QNET, which is one of the Asia’s top direct selling companies.

The chief motive of any direct selling company is to make their representatives/executives/agents/partners financially self-dependant. As the person taking up this work needs to be self-motivated, such conventions can greatly help to motivate them, inspire them and inculcate the feeling of belongingness and thereby discard the feeling of isolation which they can feel otherwise, owing to the business model they follow.

This event took place in Dubai from 20th to 24th September in the year 2016 and for the year 2017, it is going to take place from 8th to 12th September.

What happens in the event?

In this program of 5 days, the V Ambassadors who are supremely talented and proficient in their spheres perform following activities:

  • Provide knowledge of existing business scenario and upcoming trends.
  • Impart different types of training to the attendees.
  • Guidance on network management and development.
  • Offer support services to the network heads or leaders.

In their speeches and demonstrations, V Ambassadors lay huge emphasis on identifying the latent capabilities, seeking new possibilities of growth, imbibing new values, learning new methods and evolving as highly skilled and professional individuals.

They follow the principles of Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM), self-development, integrity, empowerment, teambuilding and the highest level of professionalism and teach regarding the same to the attendees.

The V has been working as a strategic partner with companies for taking them to an absolute new level. Considering the business model and working of these firms, fulfilling the interests of all representatives and stakeholders is not an easy task as the entire distribution channel is dispersed in different regions.

In this situation, co-ordination, communication and mutual understanding play dominant roles in smooth functioning of business.

Well, this is just one of the problems faced by these firms; they have to face other problems simultaneously. And “The V” intends to present feasible and affordable solutions for such problems.V-Con is one of the steps to do this.

Details about V-UAE 2017 (V-Con going to be held in Dubai in the year 2017)

As mentioned earlier, the convention, this year would be held from 8th to 12th September at Hamdan Sports Complex. (The same venue at which it was conducted in the years2015 and 2016) This is a third year in a row and IRs associated with QNET, are looking forward to it with huge expectations.

What to expect?

The eminent speakers would:

  • Give product training
  • Sharpen the skills of attendees
  • Improve the business sense of the attendees
  • Encourage the attendees

It is not necessary that we get success in our ventures in the very beginning as it takes a great deal of time and patience. We may take up the job but later find out that we need to brush up on many things and hone our skills to accomplish our goals.

Here, if we find the right inspiration and guidance, we can break all barriers and achieve new milestones of success. And V-Con is just for this.

Sales representatives, who are finding it hard to do what is required, can learn a lot from this event. But it doesn’t mean at all that those who have found out their way of doing things should not attend. After listening to the speeches and watching presentations, they would realize that “Sky is the limit” and would be even more motivated to do business.

The leaders or top level executives of networking companies can have the solutions to all their problems.

Following the three mantras of “Evolve, Empower and Enrich”, the V community is breaking the age-old rules and defining new rules of conducting business.

Those who cannot attend the event due to prior commitments or busy schedules may have a question that can they attend for any one day or two days out of those five days. Well, the nature of the event is such that the activities are in conjunction with each other so one needs to attend for all the five days.

How to avail tickets?

You can buy tickets online through the VShoppe section of the website of the organizers either with cash or credit card (Visa and MasterCard).

What is the venue?

The Hamdan Sports Complex is a known name as they have swimming facilities of par excellence, which leads to national and international swimming competition and events, being organized over there.

With the maximum capacity of 15,000 spectators, the complex is ideal for this event, which is organized on a grand level.

Built with state-of-the art engineering and facilities, the building is a centre of attraction also because of the solar power being used for generating electricity over there.

The choice of venue affects the experience of everyone present at the event and keeping this in mind, this beautiful building is selected this year as well.

“The V” conducts such events in Malaysia as well to benefit the network marketing community working in the country.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you might find difficulties in finding local transport to reach to the place you want. But to avoid that, you can contact “Joy of Journeys” before embarking for Dubai and get the complete details of means of transport used within the city and distance between various places.

With their experience in the travel industry, they would make sure to provide all the relevant information to you so that you don’t get into trouble after landing in Dubai. Not just this, but you can also get the knowledge on travelling to different places in the city, if you already know beforehand the places which you need to visit.

Things to take care:
  • After buying ticket, you would receive a confirmation letter on your registered email id. You need to take a copy of the same and bring with you to the venue for entry.
  • You need to bring one valid ID proof with yourself to the venue.
  • While the event may have refreshments, you would need to buy food. So, you must bring sufficient funds with you to pay for food, drinks, transportation and V-Con merchandise. If you are planning to visit tourist spots and shopping malls (Dubai is famous for shopping) in your spare time, you would have to take that into account and bring money accordingly. You may also want to buy souvenirs for your loved ones sitting back home and business associates.“Joy of Journeys” can help you with such places as they have the latest information about all of these.
  • As you may have to sit for long hours in the convention, it is better to bring powerbank for recharging mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets.
  • While all smart phones have a camera, if you want to take high quality pictures of the event, you can bring a camera with you.
  • The most important thing is that you have to take care of all the valuables you bring with you.

One should take advantage of this lifetime opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds in their career and gain financial sufficiency, which they always aspired to.

Thousands of individuals from different parts of the world come to participate in the eventand hence it can also provide benefits in the form of cross-learning.

With so many people from diverse culture, background, language and experiences gathering under one roof and learning something together, there are many possibilities of knowing new things.

Attendees would share their stories with the rest of the crowd and everyone would learn something different from it. Humans are known to see and observe things as per their own perception and hence the single method or technique taught can be taken in many different ways by the recipients.

Attending such event can expand the horizons of the participants and make them aware about the global practices as the speakers are highly knowledgeable and stay abreast of the latest methods, techniques and strategies.

The spectators are sure to be boosted from the presentations and speeches and take active part in the convention. It is always good to have a two-way communication and hence attendees should ask their doubts and share their experiences.

In the majestic city of Dubai, attending this event would make this experience completely unforgettable. Away from the routine work and amidst beauty of Dubai, the attendees can pay full attention to the speakers in a relaxed mood. Humans are known to think creatively with stress-free mind. So, one can just keep all worries aside and get engrossed in the topics taught and can incorporate them in their business plans.

V-Con 2015 and V-Con 2016 were a great hit and it does not need to be said that history is going to repeat itself this year.

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